7 Steps to Liberate Your Voice

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This seven-part course is designed to ignite your purpose, awaken your aliveness, and connect you to the clarity of your creative being.

Are you seeking the ability to speak in public without freezing?

In your work or personal life do you wish to speak up and have people hear what you have to say?

Does your inner critic hold you back from feeling confident in your expression and putting your voice out there?

Are you playing it too safe, and wish to freely express your own inner wild?

Do you feel out of touch with your emotions or as if they control your communication at times?

How will this course support me?

The process of freeing your voice opens up a profound, deep intelligence within; an intelligence you were born with. It is a spark that with time and age can often fade.
In this seven day course you will begin to reclaim these parts of yourself that may have gotten lost or trapped along the way. Through a series of breath work, vocal exploration, body work, journaling and insightful discussions you will begin to uncover the path to finding the story of your voice.

Empower your voice with this audio course

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What is an Audio Course and How does it work?

  • The course is designed with 7 pre-recorded audio lessons that I created for YOU. Each day for seven days you’ll receive an email with the next lesson.

  • You can take the lessons as they come OR space them out over a few weeks, whatever works best for you.

  • In this course, you receive my Muse Method techniques to liberate the voice: breath work, vocal exploration, body work, journaling and short insightful inquires so you can begin to uncover the path to finding the story of your voice.

  • It’s pre-recorded. You can do the course whenever it’s convenient for you.

  • This course was recorded with 7 – 15 minutes of content in each lesson, followed by 2 minute short inquiries.

  • You have lifetime access. It does not expire.

Reclaim your creativity and courage through seven days of breath, sound and embodiment practices

In this session we will explore the benefits of preparing to write the story of your voice and I share my own personal story with you as inspiration. We touch on the complexity of the voice, how it’s informed by our history and how the story of your voice ignites your purpose, awakens your aliveness, and connects you to the clarity of your creative being.

We hold many stories deep within our tissue and bones. During this session, you’ll be guided through a powerful exercise into the 3 Centers, the 3 Gates. This experience will bring your awareness into your body, get the breath moving, and wake up your being. This is a waking up of what might be asleep, lying dormant inside you.
Through a fun vocal exercise we’ll give voice to the 3 centers that were introduced to in Day 2. We’ll free the head voice, chest voice, pelvic voice and the Soul’s voice using a variety of sounds and sacred chants. This empowering exploration includes sounding, breath work, and vocalizing from the pelvic floor.
In preparation for writing the Story of Your Voice, you’ll learn some important tools to help you move through any creative blocks you might be experiencing. We’ll explore some simple and fun writing practices to wake up your writer’s brain and activate your creative juices.
In this session, we set the stage for the Story of your Voice exercise. Through a series of examples, a powerful belly centering practice, some helpful tips and inspiration, you’ll be prepped and ready to open, allow, and welcome your own voice’s journey. This process will allow you to dive deep into the powerful and transformative practice of awakening the story of your voice.
This session is a reflection on what you discovered about your voice during the writing process. We’ll learn what vocal journalling is and how it assists in the integration of our stories. You’ll share your story out loud, listening to the sound of your voice as you feel its presence and power.
Our last session includes words of wisdom and inspiration to help you take what you’ve learned during the course and give it expression in your own way. We will settle the nervous system, ground the body and integrate any loose ends to ensure we are moving forward feeling centered and aligned.

How you will benefit from this course:

  • Build momentum in your creative expression

  • Reconnect to your joy & playfulness

  • Release blockages and tension to find connection and ease in communication

  • Weave flow into your speech, body, and into your daily life

  • Be in your element

  • Speak with authenticity

  • Discover the transformative capacity of sound and the power of your voice

  • Transform self doubt into confidence

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We all have a story and this course gives you the tools to shape your life into the masterpiece you desire.

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About Sunday Muse

An inspiring mystic, singer, speaker, voice actor, and storyteller, as well as a coach, Sunday Muse has dedicated herself to helping others come out of vocal hiding and into their full expression and embodiment. Her unique approach to teaching voice including her original Muse Method™ have been sought after by celebrity TV hosts, Apple CEOs, Emmy Award Winning producers of several Jim Henson TV shows, as well as utilized for various healing and therapeutic purposes. Sunday is currently creating and composing a series of song collaborations with Juno award winning and world renowned Kora player Zal Sissokho. She has also paired with Jeff Bird: composer, producer and international performance artist recently inducted to the Canadian Hall of Fame for his work with the Cowboy Junkies. As a coach, Sunday has taught voice and movement classes across North America, at NYU, Mallorca Holistic Retreat, National Theatre School, Covenant House for street youth, JCC NYC and Children’s Theater Company. Her movement and voice workshops have been featured in the Huffington Post. For over 20 years, she has immersed herself in somatic work, meditation, diamond approach inquiry, teaching shamanic dance, improvisational singing, and yoga. These modalities, along with her professional experience voicing characters on tv, have helped her refine a technique for uncovering the rich hidden world that lies within our vocal potential.