Praise for Sunday Muse

“Sunday strips away the ordinary through a cool, energetic and fun process that she’s created,
to help us tune into and embrace our authentic selves.”


Praise for
Sunday Muse

“Sunday strips away the ordinary through a cool, energetic and fun process that she’s created, to help us tune into and embrace our authentic selves.”


Monica Sanjur

First, I want to thank you for an amazing session. It was groundbreaking and I felt so connected to the whole group! I haven’t felt that elated and free in such a long time. It really confirmed for me that I’m on the right path. Opening up has been hard for me my whole life but I feel safe in this group. More so than in others I have been in. It truly is an ideal community. I started doing the vocal journaling and that is a game changer for me! Journaling usually gets things out of my system and de escalates anxiety but this was like popping a balloon! Using my voice in these various ways is a totally new experience for me and a very healing one.

Monica Sanjur

Wow, best money that I’ve spent! I’ve grown not only in the work we did, but as my own person. I’ve discovered who I am and what I can offer to everyone else. I’m pretty pumped about this course! Sometimes we don’t do things because they are financial decisions but I am really happy that I didn’t let that stand in my way as it was really really powerful.

Darlene Francis

I have taken Sunday’s workshop TWICE so far and wish I could do it twice a month. It tunes my artistry and my humanity.

Cara Pifko
Alana Elmer

I am in a place in my life where I want to be living/working/being in my whole self. Have those things line up in what I choose to put my energy towards.

This class, meeting you and all these glorious people has truly changed my perspective on myself and I can feel this space kinda open up around me…it’s such a beautiful gift. It’s a feeling I wish for everyone

Alana Elmer

This was big for me because for so long I used to hide my voice; to allow it to come through without manipulating and to be in safe space where I could fully let go was a huge gift. It was also incredibly beautiful to hear everyone else’s authentic voice come through. I resonate with your work on so many levels; the spiritual, the divine, the playfulness, the voice and body connection. The shamanic quality to your container is exactly what I look for in the workshops I take. I was fed in many ways. This work is wanted and needed and you are a spectacular guide. Thank you.

Christina Dunbar

Sunday’s classes are spiritually grounding. She has a true gift and has helped me learn how my voice is so connected to many parts of me that needed awakening so I can use my voice better. I have so much gratitude for this experience with Sunday, it was magical.

Carol Crowe

After your course, I felt many pieces of me that I have discarded all of my life, naturally finding their way Home.  My integration right now is prolific, and you were the perfect Guide. I was being “taught” how to begin to safely claim all of these parts of me back.

Lori Santo

The workshop defies description and is especially powerful.

Bob McCulloch

The workshop was life altering… I went in feeling beaten down from the week and you lifted my spirits. You’re an inspiration, Sunday. I now start my day with mindful meditation, movement and shaking out the bad thoughts, toxins and feelings. It has made a huge impact.

Stephanie Hotchkiss
Puneet Parhar

“I met Sunday in a workshop on freeing your voice. The experience affected me so powerfully that I asked her to coach me one on one. I was a published writer, journalist and poet who had performed her own work but I had been blocked for years. I couldn’t get my voice out and when I wrote anything it seemed to mimic someone else. I had gone to NYU for a masters program on writing and reporting and came back more stuck than ever. I hadn’t been able to write in almost ten years and was working customer service. We started coaching weekly and almost immediately I started noticing changes. After four months, rhythmic spoken poetry poured out of me piece by piece. She helped me understand what I needed, what kind of artist I am, put in place daily rituals that helped me become confident and own my artistic process. Today I’m working on shaping an album – almost 15 pieces! – that is performative, rhythmic and completely uniquely my own voice. Most of all, I’m having fun. I’m enjoying life again and I don’t feel trapped anymore. She sees you and hears you and there’s no one you can trust more to guide you. Plus she’s so experienced in many fields of art and performance that she can draw from many sources to help you understand what you need and what tools can help you. Her coaching got me back on my artistic path – I’m flowing again! 🌈”

Puneet Parhar