“Sunday your music is truly of and to the earth – divine!”


Sunday Muse creates alternative world inspired soundtracks; tranquil, contemplative and sometimes edgy music with ethnic elements. Drawing from natural landscapes, slam poetry, she presents an improvisational blend of evanescent and evocative sounds which can be prayerful, soulful, earthy.

So, so beautiful Sunday. Exquisite. A beautiful expression of the feminine”

Sunday Muse Music

About my music

My approach to musical expression is rooted in deep listening and attunement to what wants to emerge through the instrumentation and the soundscape itself. This is how I adapt to work within a wide variety of genres and media. Inspired by world traditions and nature, I strive to bring that rawness and authenticity to my music.

Slam Poetry Soul Riffs

Zal Sissokho



The Kora is a West African instrument and there is no other way to say this other than: it is my heart. It calls me home in a way that no other instrument does. Confluence is the first song in a series of collaborations with world renowned, Juno award winning, musician, griot Zal Sissokho. (Listen below.) My deepest respect for the Kora, and for the opportunity to sing with Zal. 

“Sunday Muse brings together the contemplative with the contemporary. She embodies what the great Persian poet, Rumi, called the Beloved. Her voice calls, with yearning and passion, and evokes an intersection between spirituality, sensuality, and sexuality.”

~ Gary Diggins

Prayer Songs

Sunday Muse Music

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When you do things from your soul,
you feel a river of joy within you.

~ Rumi