Empowered Voice Coaching


For Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Leaders, Creatives, Healers and ANYONE seeking more presence and influence through their voice


Perhaps your Soul’s calling is profound but you’re feeling blocked out of fear, overwhelm, and self doubt. You’ve been feeling stuck and are ready to move past old patterns that are holding you back.

Maybe you carry trauma from your childhood and it’s deeply affecting your ability to step into action and make real changes in your life. This leaves you mistrustful of your work and your own ability to create within it.

You are yearning for guidance in how to bring your Soul’s work into the world.
You’re ready to emerge and be seen. Not just one part. All of you.

Empowered Voice Coaching gives you the tools and direction you need to come into alignment with your life’s work and experience your worth, strength, radiance & JOY.

This work is for you if:

  • You’re ready to shed an old self image
  • You want to put your creativity and joy first
  • You have done some inner work and are ready to go deeper
  • You want to be taken more seriously at work or during live presentations
  • You’ve outgrown your current career
  • You’re in the midst of a life transition
  • You feel blocked, stagnant, or immobile
  • You’re overwhelmed with how to bring your ideas into action
  • You are often in comparison while on social media
  • You long to find a meaningful relationship with the world
  • You are ready to fulfill your legacy

In our sessions, you will:


Delve into your hopes, your goals, and your vision for your life and your life’s work


Overcome what is blocking you from your own evolution – in your work, your life, and your relationships


Step into your full embodiment and bring your work into the world

My work reflects over 20 years of immersion in somatic work, meditation, diamond approach inquiry, teaching shamanic dance, improvisational singing, character work, yoga and as an award winning voiceover actress in film/tv and theater. These modalities have helped me refine a technique for uncovering the rich hidden world that lies within our vocal potential as well as how this impacts our work in the world. Coaching with me includes these tools and benefits:

  • intention setting
  • writing the story of your voice
  • developing self awareness as to how you use your voice in the world
  • finding out where your energy goes
  • identifying your character type
  • somatic experiencing principles
  • authentic movement
  • grounding through Qi-gong and yogic practices
  • dreamwork: Working with dream symbols and characters
  • ancient techniques to re-form your relationship to stress
  • inquiry into your specific relationship with your work in the world
    and any limitations that you experience around that
  • healing vocal techniques
  • envisioning the soul of your career to find what truly inspires you
  • meditation to amplify and bring the abstract into something concrete
  • transforming difficult emotions and inner critics into characters
  • reconnecting to your joy and playfulness

Together we design a unique support structure for you to build community and confidence, forge into the world in a new way, and trust in your own innate wisdom and sense of bliss.


This Empowered Voice Coaching gives you the direction you need to come into alignment with your life’s work.

The work we do is varied and is designed for your personal needs. Some people are seeking a transformational shift in their work to bring them more fully onto the world stage. Others are seeking deeper inner work as a means of creating a sacred container from which to draw from during times of transition. All are welcome.

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Please Contact Sunday at: sundaymusesong@gmail.com for more info.

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This work in no way replaces your relationship with a therapist.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Sessions may be canceled or rescheduled until 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. After 48 hours, sessions can not be rescheduled or refunded.

Puneet Parhar

“I met Sunday in a workshop on freeing your voice. The experience affected me so powerfully that I asked her to coach me one on one. I was a published writer, journalist and poet who had performed her own work but I had been blocked for years. I couldn’t get my voice out and when I wrote anything it seemed to mimic someone else. I had gone to NYU for a masters program on writing and reporting and came back more stuck than ever. I hadn’t been able to write in almost ten years and was working customer service. We started coaching weekly and almost immediately I started noticing changes. After four months, rhythmic spoken poetry poured out of me piece by piece. She helped me understand what I needed, what kind of artist I am, put in place daily rituals that helped me become confident and own my artistic process. Today I’m working on shaping an album – almost 15 pieces! – that is performative, rhythmic and completely uniquely my own voice. Most of all, I’m having fun. I’m enjoying life again and I don’t feel trapped anymore. She sees you and hears you and there’s no one you can trust more to guide you. Plus she’s so experienced in many fields of art and performance that she can draw from many sources to help you understand what you need and what tools can help you. Her coaching got me back on my artistic path – I’m flowing again! 🌈”

Puneet Parhar